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CMaps analytics combines Geo Business Intelligence with Google apps for work

US: CMaps Analytics has announced a new geo-spatial visualization and analysis add-in for Google Sheets. Now, within Google Sheets, business users can quickly segment customers by geography for sales and marketing activities, or analyze employees, assets, and events within the comfort of Google Maps, enhanced by CMaps Analytics.

In addition to 6 standard map visualizations, more advanced map templates and customization of over 100 map properties and behaviors are delivered from CMaps Analytics Designer. CMaps Analytics Add-In is also integrated with Google Drive for secured access and distribution of custom CMaps Analytics templates.

CMaps Analytics new add-in additionally fills in a hole left by Google’s recent deprecation of Google Maps Engine. “With CMaps Analytics, Google Apps for Work users can remain within the Google for Work ecosystem, and leverage new Geo-Business Intelligence and productivity features without having any prior experience creating maps,” explained Evan Delodder, CMaps Analytics CTO.

Customers who want to take maps beyond Google Sheets can use the same map templates for use with CMaps Analytics APIs which transform Google Maps for Work into a Geo-Business Intelligence visualizations.

CMaps Analytics for Google Sheets is currently available today in the Google Marketplace by invite-only, and will be made publicly available for free download in March 2016. Single user licensing and enterprise licensing options will be available for online purchase.

Source: PRWeb