ClueTrust launches the innovative Cartographica 1.2

ClueTrust launches the innovative Cartographica 1.2


Virginia, US: ClueTrust has announced that it has launched Cartographica 1.2, a major update to its Geographical Information System (GIS) software Mac OS X. Cartographica provides a complete set of tools which enable the user to explore, analyse and present geospatial data. It supports importing from over 100 different raster and vector formats, as well as bringing in data from spreadsheets and other user data files. It features a 3-element display: the map, the layer stack, and the data viewer.

Cartographica supports importing from a vast array of file formats, and includes numerous convenience features for working with imported data. For example, if the data includes only addresses, Cartographica can geocode that data into latitude and longitude with internal geocoding services, or provide direct, easy access to geocoding services through third-party service providers. The application will also readily access data from the internet. Using OGC-standard web features and map servers (WFS and WMS), it can integrate that data directly and show it alongside data from other sources, such as local files or public data services like OpenStreetMap, and internet services like the National Map.

The application features a suite of sophisticated analysis and geoprocessing tools, such as: custom formula-based columns, kernel density analysis, and variable buffering, all of which serve to help the user extract the information in their data. And when the internal capabilities of Cartographica are insufficient, its extensive scripting interface makes custom analysis easy by using the AppleScript or Automator.

Source: Techwhack