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CloudFerro offers access to cloud computing resources for COVID-19

To support the EU Space efforts to fight the pandemic or mitigate its impact, CloudFerro is providing access to Earth observation data repositories, prepared the special offer for researchers, public authorities and innovative service providers. The goal is to support their projects aimed at fighting the COVID-19. CloudFerro offers free of charge cloud computing resources, along with free access to Earth Observation data on CREODIAS platform, very high resolution images on preferential terms or made available free of charge.

Satellite images have a wide range of applications, including access to information related to the management of natural resources and climate protection and the identification of environmental factors affecting human health or mitigating epidemics. The images taken from Earth’s orbit allow us, among other, to observe how, with the development of epidemics, restrictions on movement in individual countries and the closure of entire cities and districts cause voids on the streets, and the stop of transport and work in production plants reduces air pollution.

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Satellite imaging can be used in research projects and projects aimed at fighting the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on the environment. For people, start-ups and companies planning such projects, CloudFerro has prepared a special offer for access to cloud resources and satellite images in a very high resolution.