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Cloud-based data management from ERDAS

Norcross, US

ERDAS has announced the release of ERDAS APOLLO on the Cloud, a new cloud-based data management and delivery solution. ERDAS APOLLO on the Cloud provides a simple entry point into the geospatial server world.

Available immediately to customers in the US, this solution is suitable for GIS users who want a quick server implementation with elasticity. ERDAS APOLLO on the Cloud is ideal for organisations that have limited IT infrastructure and expertise, yet still want to Web-enable their large volumes of geospatial data. This solution is also an alternative for users requiring a geospatial server solution on an intermittent basis or for a one-time project.

This offering provides all of the power of ERDAS APOLLO Professional as an affordable monthly subscription service. This package includes everything one needs to run their solution on the cloud, including software license, infrastructure, storage and bandwidth. Organisations can maintain their entire geospatial serving operation in a highly secure, scalable environment, eliminating the need for in-house hardware, IT head count and expertise. The shared infrastructure costs and low management overhead available in this offering translate into quantifiable savings for the customer.

“Many GIS users do not have the capability or infrastructure to support a geospatial server. We are excited that this cloud-based solution opens this opportunity to a new group of customers,” said Joel Campbell, President, ERDAS. “ERDAS APOLLO is the best solution on the market for managing and delivering geospatial data. ERDAS APOLLO on the Cloud is a unique implementation offered on a monthly basis, providing organisations with a well supported and flexible offering.”

With the ERDAS APOLLO suite of products, organisations can securely catalog and make sense of rich, geospatial data and metadata, and deliver these assets with unprecedented variability and performance. ERDAS APOLLO implements an out-of-the box Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). On top of handling terabytes of images, ERDAS APOLLO easily delivers feature data, terrain and virtually any geospatial data object.

ERDAS APOLLO on the Cloud is available in a secure, off-site environment that customers can access on demand. Hosting services are facilitated by Skygone Cloud, experienced GIS professionals strictly focused on cloud-based GIS solutions and implementations. This all-inclusive, pay-as-you-go subscription makes it easy for users to understand their total cost of ownership.

Source: erdas.com