Clemens Portele receives OGCs Gardels Award

Clemens Portele receives OGCs Gardels Award


Wayland,USA, August 6, 2007: Clemens Portele received the OGC’s ninth annual Kenneth D. Gardels Award at the July meeting of the Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc. (OGC) in Paris, France. The Gardels Award, a gold medallion, is awarded to individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to advance OGC’s vision of geospatial information fully integrated into the world’s
information systems. It is given annually in memory of Kenneth Gardels, a founding director of OGC and OGC’s former director of academic programs and is known to have coined the term “Open GIS”.

Clemens Portele of interactive instruments GmbH, Germany, has been an active participant in the OGC since October 2000 and has contributed to the success of the OGC’s cooperative endeavors with two other standards organizations, ISO and the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). He is also the chair of the INSPIRE (Infrastructure for Spatial InfoRmation in Europe) Data Specifications Drafting Team in Europe and he has been a major proponent of geospatial standards in Germany. And has contributed in projects with the European Union Satellite Centre and the European Commission Joint Research Centre, and in Sixth Framework Programme funded projects like ORCHESTRA (Open Architecture and Spatial Data Infrastructure for Risk Management).

Clemens is one of the main authors of the OpenGIS Geography Markup Language Specification v3 (GML), and is has developed an open source tool for using and creating GML application schemas that is recognized as key enabler for broad market uptake of GML.

Mark Reichardt, president of OGC, said, “Clemens Portele truly deserves this award. He has been a prolific technical contributor in the OGC’s Technical Committee and Interoperability Program, and
without his advocacy OGC would not have come as far as it has in Europe and in the larger standards world.”