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Clean your vacant site or pay up

BANGALORE : If you own a vacant site that you have not fenced or got cleaned for long, then get ready to pay for it – along with your property tax.

With all properties in the city now mapped with the latest Geographic Information System (GIS), BBMP hopes to soon find a way to tackle uncleaned private sites. “There are more than two lakh vacant sites in the city. All of them have been mapped. We are also in the process of identifying the sites’ owners. A majority of them, particularly those in residential areas, are increasingly prone to being dump yards. But no more,” BBMP commissioner S Subramanya told The Times of India.

Starting May 8, owners of these sites will be issued notices to clean up their sites. In addition, boards will be put up at the sites asking owners to clean it up within a stipulated timeframe. Failing this, the Palike will go ahead and clean it up. The expenses will be recovered from the owner, along with the property tax.

“With GIS mapping and an updated property register in place, it’s now impossible for property owners to not just evade paying tax but also cleaning their abandoned site,” Subramanya said.