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Clark Labs announced the formation of two new Resource Centers in its International Resource Center (IRC) program: Peking University in Beijing, China and the Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Mexico in Toluca, Mexico. The Remote Sensing and GIS Laboratory of the College of Environmental Sciences at Peking University is part of the Ministry of Education’s Key Laboratory for Earth Surface Processes in China. Its mission is to promote theoretical and applied research on remote sensing and GIS, using state of the art hardware and software tools. In its capacity as an IRC, the lab will represent IDRISI at local conferences and provide training, consulting services and support to the Chinese GIS community.

The Resource Center created at the Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México (UAEM) comes from the initiative of four UAEM complementary institutions with specializations in water sciences, agricultural sciences, geographic sciences, and urban & regional planning. The Mexican IRC will focus on providing support to the Spanish-speaking GIS communities of Mexico and Central America. Scheduled activities include a two-day Latin American User Conference in June, as well as various training sessions with IDRISI.

The International Resource Center program was started in 1995 to better address the needs of the Clark Labs’ international user community. Centers conduct research using IDRISI, distribute product information, offer procurement assistance, host training sessions and user group meetings and represent the Clark Labs at local tradeshows and conferences. In addition, IRCs may offer specific products and services designed to meet the needs of a local or linguistic community. Many of the IRCs are also formal resellers of Clark Labs’ products. There are now 17 such centers around the world.

For further information, please contact Clark Labs, Worcester, MA. Tel: 508-793-7526. Laurie Canavan ([email protected]) Phone: 508-793-7526