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Clark Labs adds new import/export features to Idrisi32 Release 2

Clark Labs announces the release of a major service upgrade to Idrisi32 Release 2 that includes an HDF reader and import/export routines for ERDAS Imagine .img and Earth Resource Mapping’s ER Mapper .ers files.

Users can now take full advantage of the data on the atmosphere, land, ocean and cryosphere collected from NASA’s EOS (Earth Observing System) long-term study of the earth. Idrisi32 Release 2 supports the data from the existing sensors of the TERRA satellite including ASTER, MODIS, CERES, MISR and MOPITT images (HDF-EOS4 formats). This data is available free at https://edcimswww.cr.usgs.gov/pub/imswelcome/. The HDF reader provides a flexible interface that allows users the opportunity to explore the HDF file’s vast contents. Users can select all of the images for import or a subset. The HDF reader is also incorporated in Idrisi32 Release 2’s Macro Modeler, allowing users to batch process many HDF files at once or incorporate HDF files into a model.

Users can maximize productivity with the addition of import/export facilities for ERDAS Imagine .img single and multi-band files and Earth Resource Mapping ER Mapper .ers files. These new features extend the current suite of import/export tools, which includes, among others, facilities for ESRI Shape and ArcRaster files, MapInfo vector files, DLG, SPOT, LANDSAT and RADARSAT. The new routines will facilitate the integration of Idrisi32 Release 2’s sophisticated capabilities into customer’s existing projects.

The HDF reader and the import/export routines for ERDAS Imagine and ER Mapper files have also been fully incorporated into the Macro Modeler. Included in Idrisi32 Release 2, Macro Modeler is an innovative graphica modeling environment, which allows the construction of models utilizing over 100 analytical functions. The Modeler also contains dynamic control structures that allow the development of temporal models (such as cellular automata, growth and change analysis) for the automation of repetitive tasks.

Customers of Idrisi32 Release 2 have free access to these features from the downloads/upgrades page on the Clark Labs website: https://www.clarklabs.org/Downloads.asp?cat=2.