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Civil-military debate on Defense Geoinformation

In order to discuss issues related to Defense Geoinformation and contribute to the interoperability between Armed Forces, civilian and military have met on July 16 and 17 at the Center for Images and Geographic Information of the Army (Cigex), in Brasília.

Topics such as “Defense Geoinformation”, “National Territory Aerospace Aerial Assessment Register System (SisClaten)”, “Defense Geospatial Data Infrastructure (Sis IDE Defesa)” “Geoinformation Defense Manual Project” and the” National Plan for Geoinformation (PNGeo)” were discussed.

According to the Defense chief of logistics, lieutenant-brigadier Gerson Machado de Oliveira Nogueira, the Defense Geoinformation will allow the construction of the Defense Spatial Data Infrastructure (IDE-Defesa) and the incorporation of Geointelligence concepts and tools. “These tools are essential to support decision making in critical situations or in planning of joint or combined operations”, he said.

The event was attended by 25 people, including representatives of Defense and Armed Forces, working in the area of Military Cartography. Coordination was made ​​by the Head of Logistics (Chelog) of the Armed Forces Joint Staff (EMCFA).

Defense Geoinformation

Several feasibility studies are being done for the implementation of the Defense Geoinformation. The effort made by the Deputy Head for Supporting Logistics and Mobilization Cartography Systems (Subaps) of EMCFA is to gather geo-referenced information.

The data being collected comes from the cartographic productions of the Armed Forces and the Operational and Management Center of the Amazon Protection System (Censipam), as well as intelligence and meteorological agencies, and aerial survey companies established in the national territory.

Source: Ministério da Defesa