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Civic bodies to wait till August to access spatial data

New Delhi, India: Starting August 1, 2011, all state departments and civic agencies in Delhi, India, have to mandatorily access, use and share information from Delhi State Spatial Database through secured communication networks under the Delhi Geographical Spatial Data Infrastructure (Management, Control, Administration, Security and Safety), Act 2011.

According to Times of India report, Delhi has about 48 lakh buildings, 3 lakh manholes and nearly 17,000 kilometres of running road length. All this information is part of the extensive database. It captures the demographics of the capital and utilities like stormwater drains, sewer lines, infrastructure projects and urban planning details.

The Act has been notified by the office of the lieutenant-governor, Tejendra Khanna, and is aimed at ensuring effective e-governance. The database provides a ground-based actual information system that details infrastructure and utilities above ground, on the ground and below the ground up to 12 feet with maps. It spans 1500 square kilometres of the capital city of India, Delhi.

According to the IT department, the e-governance effort that will link departments with the database is being seen as an effective way to bridge the gap between different agencies and cut down on red tape. According to Delhi’s information technology secretary, Savitur Prasad, about a hundred departments have been linked with the system. “Some are already using the data. Others are verifying the information and there are others who are carrying out training to use the data. The platform will allow users to update the database and also make their project plans sitting before their computer screen,” Prasad elaborated.

The Delhi State Spatial Database Infrastructure project is an interconnected 3D global information system. It involves capturing geographical and urban features for systematic coordinated urban planning, project implementation and overall governance.

Source: Times of India