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Cityworks’ new version released

Azteca Systems Inc. (USA) announced the release of Version 4.2 of its Cityworks GIS-based Asset Maintenance Management System (AMMS) software. Featured at the Cityworks International Users Conference this week, Cityworks 4.2 represents the latest improvements and newest functionality, that makes asset and work management easier, says a company’s release.

Combining the results of user feedback with general market trends, Cityworks 4.2 core functionality remains, yet offers new tools for equipment management and scheduling, along with database integrity. Also new, report mapping features enable users to quickly and easily generate data views from a search and post them to a map view. Version 4.2 enhancements include searchable custom fields, Work Order combine capability, citizen email support, and more robust Asset Inventory Editor.

Azteca Systems worked closely with clients and business partners to develop new support for compatible units and n-level Geodatabase features, enabling greater support for treatment plants, facilities and energy clients. In addition, Equipment Manager allows users to easily schedule and plan the use of equipment across departments. Database Manager is a new tool offering faster database updates and integrity checks, while Data Pump adds the ability to export and import Service Requests to and from the field.

Local Governments, Public Works and Utilities agencies will benefit significantly from Cityworks Version 4.2’s enhancements, specifically the ability to leverage a single system across the enterprise while fully utilizing their investment in GIS data.