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City planning department implements street name labels for land-use maps

New Jersey, USA, 23 May 2006 – The City of San Jose Planning Department has implemented MapText’s SmartLabel for MapInfo product. With this the department has now ensured its land use maps contain up-to-date and well-positioned street name labels. These maps are an essential tool used by staff and customers at public information counters to perform property searches in response to customer inquiries.

The Planning Department is a long-time user of MapInfo, and has created an extensive database of layers that are accessed via a free GIS viewer, MapInfo ProViewer. Until recently, this database used a legacy street name text layer originally developed by the City’s Public Works Department in MicroStation (CAD). Given San Jose’s size (10th largest city in the nation) and continuing growth, staff knew that manual maintenance of this legacy layer would be a time-consuming prospect. And since it was generated for a particular scale, the layer did not repeat street name labels at intervals allowing staff to easily verify a search location without frequent panning/zooming of the map. Finally, as the CAD layer was specifically designed to avoid interference with the display of infrastructure data, street names were placed outside rights-of-way, whereas the Planning Department’s maps were best suited to label placement within the street itself.