City of Suffolk Reaps Benefits of Cityworks

City of Suffolk Reaps Benefits of Cityworks


USA – The City of Suffolk, Virginia, experienced immediate positive results after implementing Cityworks. As a result of such quick returns, the City now plans to expand Cityworks throughout the organization.

In selecting an asset maintenance management system, the City of Suffolk placed heavy emphasis on a system that could leverage the City’s existing GIS and support all phases and functions of a typical municipal government. The City chose Cityworks as the program that would best meet their needs. Implementation was assisted by Woolpert, Inc. and done in phases to allow integration of other City departments at a manageable pace. Installation began in the Street Maintenance Department, where 70 service requests were processed within the week, and the Traffic Engineering Maintenance Department, where 387 service requests were processed in the first several weeks. Suffolk’s project is growing with the Stormwater Department as the next to join the phased implementation and the City’s Department of Public Utilities Sanitary Division is scheduled to come aboard later this year.

“Cityworks was selected by the City of Suffolk after a thorough comparison of other work tracking and inventory systems,” stated Wesley King, Assistant Director of Public Works Operations. “We were very impressed with versatility and ease of expansion to accommodate all phases of municipal operations. An on-site visit to Horry County, South Carolina, played a large part in our decision to implement Cityworks. The visit confirmed the versatility of the program by the multi-faceted implementation deployed there.

“The Public Works Department continues to expand our operational usage of Cityworks and has recently implemented the Storeroom module for inventory tracking and cost reporting,” continued King. “It is anticipated that the Public Works will continue to expand the program, which appears to be limited only to the user’s imagination. Our Coordination Training and Implementation has been a great success with Woolpert (an Azteca Business Partner) as the Cityworks representative.”

“Suffolk provides a great example of a growing trend among Cityworks clients,” states Brian Haslam, President of Azteca Systems. “Soon, and if not immediately following implementation, Cityworks users experience significant results and improvements. As a result, we’ve seen them eagerly expand throughout other areas of their organizations. We realize that a combination of ease-to-use, innovative technologically and, most important, GIS-centric software provides the perfect solution for asset maintenance management. Today, more and more organizations are reaping the benefits of Cityworks coast-to-coast and around the globe.”