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City of Rock Island purchases Leica GS50+ to map and inventory physical assets and storm sewers conditions

The Public Works Department of the City of Rock Island (Illinois, USA) has purchased two Leica GS50+ data collection systems from Leica Geosystems that are being used to create an inventory of its physical assets to report to the federal government, and map and collect storm sewers attributes. The information collected about the storm sewers will be used to obtain a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (MPDES) storm water permit, which is needed prior to releasing storm water into the Mississippi River and Rock River.

While the GS50+ units will be used to periodically update the City’s inventory, the storm sewer project should be completed by April 2003.

To plot and gather utilities data, workers are mapping all manholes, incorporating and labelling them in ESRI’s ArcView, using the GS50+ base station (mounted atop a water tower and controlled remotely) and a Microslate pen tablet. Data such as inverts, pipe size and pipe condition is being recorded. To track data through the thick tree canopy in the area, the Public Works Department is using the GS50’s MaxTrak tracking technology.