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City of Kitchener implements infrastructure management system

Kitchener, ON – The City of Kitchener’s financial and asset management strategies have been advanced significantly as a result of a recent advanced system implementation. In early 2008, the City partnered with ESRI Canada, IDS Scheer, SAP Canada Inc. and Loki Innovations (RIVA Modeling) to develop and implement an enterprise-wide infrastructure management system. Azteca’s Cityworks that leverages ESRI technology was selected along with SAP and RIVA software to replace aging financial and asset management systems. The three systems were fully integrated.

“The City of Kitchener, ESRI Canada, IDS Scheer and Loki Innovations worked together to develop the complex interfaces between the three systems, and it was this remarkable teamwork that facilitated the successful end result of this project,” said Rob Santos, Practice Manager, Public Works, ESRI Canada. “The City now has a solid foundation for enterprise resource planning and asset management to support their strategic and corporate initiatives.”

The completion of this large-scale integration comes at the heels of new Public Sector Accounting Board (PSAB) standards that require Canadian municipalities to include an accurate account of their tangible capital assets in annual financial statements for 2009. The integration of Cityworks – the only GIS-centric Asset Maintenance Management system – with SAP and RIVA software is specifically designed to bring together the financial and non-financial data required for PSAB compliance.

“The integration of Cityworks with SAP and RIVA promotes an effective work order cycle, delivers more accurate financial and infrastructure information and provides reliable tools to perform operational activities,” said Moez Mehdi, Project Director, City of Kitchener. “The City of Kitchener and ESRI Canada have created a model solution for other municipalities to follow.”