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City of Gavle, Sweden, uses GIS to speed up Building Permit Process

California, USA, 19 April 2007: The City of Gavle, Sweden , is using ESRI’s GIS technology to accelerate its building permit application process. The intranet-based GIS will deliver accurate, up-to-date information to city staff in a single user-friendly application, replacing the use of static paper maps to verify property boundaries, land-use information, and zoning regulations.

The application is developed based on ArcGIS Server, which will allow the City of Gavle staff to request building permits and bypass the cumbersome research process altogether, which previously involved accessing multiple paper-based sources that were often out of date. With the new system, building permits staff can easily update parcel IDs, land-use information, and zoning data. The new application is expected to save significant time in the permit process.

Eddie Larsson, GIS manager at City of Gävle , says, “With this new application process, the only information applicants need to know is the location and size of the building footprint. From there, the database returns all relevant information, including proximity to neighbors, neighbor permissions requirements, and zoning laws, so that the builder can make the appropriate decisions.”