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City of Gavle, Sweden implements Cityworks in Energy Department

4 December 2006 – Azteca Systems, Inc., the provider of GIS-centric asset maintenance management solutions, announced that the City of Gävle, Sweden, has implemented Cityworks within its energy department – Gävle Energy AB.

The Cityworks implementation in Gävle began with the configuration of eight (8) Cityworks concurrent licenses within the Gävle energy department, being assisted by Azteca business partner MELDIS AB of Sweden. Gävle has already made the decision to expand Cityworks within the organization by using the software in their Water Department beginning next summer. Gävle Energy joins Stockholm Water as the second Cityworks user in Sweden, illustrating the software’s continuing expansion internationally.

– About Cityworks
Cityworks is a GIS-based Asset Maintenance Management System. Coupled with ESRI’s leading ArcGIS software, Cityworks provides a complete solution for asset and maintenance management. For more info visit: https://www.azteca.com/

– About the City of Gävle
The City of Gävle is located in east central Sweden and has about 81,000 residents. It is the oldest city in historical Norrland (Sweden’s Northern lands). Around 1970, Gävle was united with nearby municipalities and became a large urban district. Gävle is most known for its coffee and its ice hockey team.

– About Azteca Systems, Inc.
Founded in 1986, Azteca Systems, Inc. is the leading provider of GIS-centric Enterprise Asset and Maintenance Management Systems for Public Works and Utilities. For more info visit: https://www.azteca.com/