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City of Bytom using MapText’s labeling software

Plainsboro, NJ, USA: Map Text has claimed that the City of Bytom (Poland) has realised huge productivity gains by using the company’s GeoLabel Pro text placement software for its map production workflow in ArcGIS environment. Bytom is one of the municipalities in the field of LIS/GIS in Poland. The city has been the site of numerous EU-funded pilot projects in the area of spatial information and GIS technology in the past 20 years.

The city’s GIS team creates detailed cadastral and ownership maps for the general public and also for potential investors in need of accurate land and building records. Those maps are dense, especially in the central part of the town. In many cases it is impossible to directly place all labels for several feature layers (streets, ground class, plots, address points) inside the polygons at the typical scale of 1:500 or 1:1000. Therefore, the use of leader lines became unavoidable.