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City grants public access to Crime Search maps online

USA-The City of Battle Creek has developed a website that connects accurate GIS maps with police database information and made this site available to the public this week. Visitors to the site can search for information about calls for service or tickets and generate a map showing the location of incidents and basic information about the police report.

“This website will provide snapshots of activity within neighborhoods and allow residents to track the status of complaints in real time,” said Sarah VanWormer, the City’s GIS Administrator who worked with Police Department staff to create the site. “The site is connected to our computerized records and updated in real time, so if a status of a complaint changes the website reflects that immediately.”

Search results may be defined by type, date and shift or any combination of these. Basic results show a mapped location, although not a specific address, as well as police report numbers. This information can help streamline report requests submitted under Freedom of Information Act procedures by identifying the exact record the resident is seeking. These customized maps can also be printed.

A “Contact Us” link allows residents to ask basic questions and to give feedback on the site, said VanWormer. The site is linked to several pages on the City of Battle Creek’s website, including the Neighborhood Services and Police Department pages.