City bus project comes to a halt in India

City bus project comes to a halt in India


India: The much hyped project of installing GPS systems in the Chandigarh Transport Undertaking (CTU) buses has hit another roadblock due to poor signal and lack of coordination between the company I Build, CTU and BSNL.

The systems were installed to help commuters by providing them information about the bus routes. However, the problem of poor signal has defeated the entire purpose. Also, there has been a problem of screens, linked to the GPS systems, being stolen from the bus shelters.

Till now the system has been installed in 100 of the 500 CTU buses. The screens linked to them have been put up in 50 bus shelters. There have been problems in the working of the system that have come to light. For example, many times while the bus has already reached a shelter, the screen continues to show that it is yet to arrive. The CTU has decided not to install any more systems for now as the project has not received a satisfactory report from the monitoring agency.

Source: Indian Express