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Cities Revealed maintains position

The GeoInformation™ Group (TGG) continues to be recognised as the UK’s one of the leading high-resolution air photo provider reflected by the large number of recently received flying contracts from key local government and business organisations.

Having recently completed its fifth financial year of trading, TGG is continually expanding and updating its Cities Revealed® portfolio of high-resolution photography to meet demand from new and existing users. The resulting photographic datasets will provide seamless digital databases detailed enough to clearly identify features such as road markings and street furniture on the ground.

To date, TGG has captured more than 20,000 sq kms of aerial photography in the UK and increased its client base by over 30% in the last year alone. The new surveys, which will include areas such as Hull, Belfast, Bristol, Luton, Cambridgeshire, and South Oxfordshire to name just a few contracts, will produce imagery conforming to a 12.5 cm resolution as specified by the client.

Cambridgeshire County Council is one such client taking delivery of a new Cities Revealed dataset later this year. Cambridgeshire is an existing customer requiring a complete and up to date coverage of the entire county. The photography will help aid decision-making within the Environment and Transport department for such issues as regional transport planning and landscape and ecological studies.

Luton and Stansted airports have also contracted new photography to capture the entire airport property along with local road and rail links, terminal building and associated satellites. The detail contained within the imagery is considered an important requisite by each airport to ensure optimum visual exposure of their land for management and development purposes.

Cities Revealed aerial photography is orthorectified to Ordnance Survey Land Line digital mapping. It provides mapping and GIS users with a highly detailed image snapshot to compliment basic digital maps. The imagery can also be viewed using Cities Revealed free CRImage Manager that comes bundled free with the data.

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