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Cities Reveale? uncovers the potential of Londo?s skyline

‘Cities Revealed’, UK’s highest resolution and up to date aerial photography is being used to assist First Penthouse, specialist rooftop developers, to release the potential of Londons skyline.

The identification of suitable properties is crucial to the expansion of the operations of First Penthouse. Since 1997 they have used ‘Cities Revealed’ aerial photography to identify potential properties through simple visual analysis. Once a suitable property had been identified within the aerial photography the planners had to then identify the street address and property owner from external sources, obtain an expression of interest from the owner and then arrange a site visit to confirm the suitability of the property.

First Penthouse purchased an enhanced solution for property identification from Cities Revealed last year. The solution offered higher resolution, more up to date imagery of central London supplied in the enhanced CR Image Manage desktop image management software. The imagery was combined with 1:20,000 raster street mapping from Bartholomew and a street gazetteer. The total solution enabled planners to locate a street within the imagery by simply typing in the street name, search for suitable properties located on that street and once a property has been identified measure the roof area from the aerial photography. First Penthouse Marketing Manager Jimmy Pettersson commented “The enhanced solution from Cities Revealed makes it far easier to identify suitable roofs and reduces the research time.”

The solution created for First Penthouse, utilises the enhanced functionality of the latest release of the CR Image Manager. The software which is provided free of charge with all Cities Revealed datasets now includes native vector overlay, the ability to locate a geographic location via a gazetteer, viewing of multiple image and map layers with blend and swipe facilities and enhanced distance and area measuring tools.