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CIST wins contracts worth $5.7 million

January 21, 2009 — China Information Security Technology (CIST), Inc., software and GIS provider to public security and civil-use markets in China, said it has won three contracts worth a total of $5.7 million. The company said it won contracts for its Command System and Remote Data Backup System for the Shenzhen General Station of Exit and Entry Frontier Inspection, its First Responder Coordination Platform for the Shenzhen Transportation Bureau, and the Shenzhen Traffic Police GIS System.

The company said that the Command System will centralise reporting, commanding and processing of exit and entry of people and vehicles so as to realise more efficient control and management. The system aims to protect important business information and to recover the whole system in case of any data damage due to unforeseen disasters. It’s a follow-on order to the Intelligent Border Control System that CIST previously constructed for the Shenzhen General Station.

The company’s First Responder Coordination Platform integrates emergency response systems used by the police, fire and traffic police, into one consolidated platform.

China Information said the contract for the First Responder Coordination Platform for the Shenzhen Transportation Bureau will facilitate the electronic declaration of hazardous goods at the Shenzhen Port, automate statistical data of declaration information, as well as communicate with other administrative departments. The system will also enable the department to monitor the on-site processing of hazardous goods via remote visual instrumentation.

The company’s fundamental PGIS platform includes editing, managing and maintenance of a comprehensive PGIS database, mapping and analysis of police information, and processing of police public data and thematic data. The company provides PGIS customers with specialized GIS services, including specialized mapping, geographic positioning, messaging, automated police patrol monitoring, patrol history tracking and work hour management.

The contract for the Shenzhen Traffic Police GIS System is meant to provide the Shenzhen Traffic Police Bureau with visual and digital police-use GIS instruments for traffic guidance, management and decision making.