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CIO says no to further enhancement in Data.gov

US: “No project will go unaffected. However, we will maintain important initiatives such as USAspending.gov, the IT Dashboard, Data.gov and Perfomance.gov at their current levels of operation. As a result of the reduced funding, there will be no enhancements or other development to address needs for improvement,” said Vivek Kundra, federal Chief Information officer (CIO), in a letter on the e-gov funding cuts sent to Senator Carper.

Kundra added, “Limited funding will increase delays in getting new datasets posted to Data.gov, and will limit our ability to stand up new communities of interest on that platform. Further, the reduced level of appropriations will impact the ongoing implementation of the Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act (FFATA). For example, there will be a marked reduction in technical support provided to the contractor and grantee communities who enter data on Federal spending into the FFATA portal.”

Kundra informed that two programmes, FedSpace and the Citizen Services Dashboard, are being terminated.

Referring to the effects of reducing the e-government fund from USD 34 million in FY2010 to USD 8 million in FY2011, Kundra added that “while we believe that we can make progress on several important initiatives, several projects will experience a sharp decline given the limited amount of funding.”

For the first time, Kundra explained in broad strokes the consequences of the dramatic funding decrease. He said, “While we will continue to work with agencies to improve the quality of data on the IT Dashboard and USASpending, we will not be able to fund development efforts to improve data accuracy through automation and streamlining, nor will funds be available to increase transparency. For example, we have postponed plans for IT Dashboard enhancements that would have allowed better integration with agency systems for investment monitoring.”

Source: Sunlight Foundation