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CIMCON expands patent portfolio for smart city and smart lighting IoT solutions

USA: CIMCON, has announced the United States Patent and Trademark Office has awarded the company patent No. 10,238,001 for the NearSky smart city platform. The newly issued patent for a configurable data center platform covers CIMCON’s design of an edge data processor that affixes to streetlight poles and contains processing systems to communicate with smart city devices and sensors. This innovative design makes it easy to deploy and cost-effectively manage smart city IoT solutions.

This new patent extends a string of industry firsts and innovations from CIMCON lighting as the company continues to invest in an aggressive product roadmap that is continually bringing new smart city IoT technologies to market. There is a portfolio of nine patents now protecting CIMCON’s smart city and intelligent lighting product lines. The extensive portfolio includes protections for the following essential components of smart city and intelligent streetlight systems:

  • A web-based, wireless streetlight management system, which allows users to configure and control streetlights using a map-based graphical interface
  • Streetlight controllers that can communicate with the streetlight and transmit status and identification information
  • Remote, computer-based control of streetlights
  • A configurable streetlight-based platform that houses one or more sensors
  • The use of intelligent, wireless lighting controls to detect faults, propose corrective actions
  • The use of streetlights for emergency response

“We at CIMCON are passionate about putting technology to work through innovations that solve the complicated issues faced by cities across the globe,” said Anil Agrawal, CEO of CIMCON. “Our portfolio of patents is a testament to our unique approach which takes away complexity for our customers, helps them drive meaningful improvements while staying within their budget constraints, and motivates them to keep moving on their smart city journey one problem at a time.”