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CHPS software aiding steep-terrain harvesting with GIS

New Zealand: Rayonier, Geographic Business Solutions (GBS) and Atlas Technology, with input from various industry groups, including Rotorua’s Scion crown research institute, developed Cable Harvesting Planning Solution (CHPS) software. It aims to help foresters in New Zealand, and around the world, to more efficiently harvest logs from increasingly steep plantations.

The software integrates planning software with the most common GIS in New Zealand to allow planners to model a particular plantation and work out the most effective places to position the hauler and the cables to maximise productivity and minimise environmental impact.

Rayonier New Zealand’s Philip Elworthy said integrating GIS with harvest planning will make modelling faster and more accessible. “The calculations have been around for decades, but this makes them easier to access. It is a more efficient way of solving the problem,” he added.

The software works with Esri’s ArcGIS, which is the predominant software in New Zealand forestry and is used in many other countries, particularly North America.

Until now, solutions have not been integrated with ArcGIS, so there have been costs involved in transferring data from one system to another.

Geographic Business Solutions’ director Harley Prowse said the cost and complexity of transferring data from GIS into planning software meant many people did not bother and made decisions based on less information. “We held three workshops where we got together with harvest planners from various companies to make sure we ended up with something the guys needed.”

Source: The Daily Post