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Chinese province to install GPS for tackling food waste issue

Wuhan: Wuhan, the capital of Hubei province in China, will fit computerised weighing and GPS devices on all food waste collection trucks and trash cans. This will be done to tackle the “gutter oil” or the recycle cooking oil. Operations will start on December 1 when a regulation that requires integrated collection and processing of kitchen waste takes effect in Wuhan.

The regulation defines edible oil waste as a mixture of water and oil retrieved from kitchen ventilators, oil-water separators or sewage facilities. According to the proposal for the project, 621 vehicles — 195 to be used for edible oil waste — and 25,800 garbage cans, which food facilities are required to use, will be prepared as part of the collection. All waste, including food remnants, scrap materials and edible oil wastes from food and beverage facilities, canteens and factories involved in food production and processing will be monitored by the integrated system. To guarantee no food waste is collected to make gutter oil, a computerized system that records GPS and weight data will be installed on the collection trucks, as well as garbage cans or oil cans of oil-water separators. This will help in knowing what the vehicles are doing, how much food waste is loaded or uploaded, and can track the vehicles with a click of a mouse in the office. Using the devices, the weight of the food waste will be recorded and kept for at least two years by the producer, collector and transporter and processor of the food waste, which is required by the regulation.

Source: usa.chinadaily.com