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Chinese power company for Ashtech’s software

China: Yunnan Power Grid, an electric power grid management corporation serving five provinces in southern China, has ordered 160 Ashtech MobileMapper 6 GPS/GIS units. The new units will be used by Yunnan Power Grid to more efficiently manage the maintenance of the corporation’s electric pole and tower network.

Yunnan Power Grid maintenance personnel will use the MobileMapper 6 units to navigate to wired poles and towers, check and record the pole and tower conditions, and download the data into the corporation’s GIS management system. The addition of mobile mapping technology will improve GIS accuracy and improve asset management efficiency for Yunnan Power Grid.

“Following a rigorous competitive evaluation, the Ashtech MobileMapper 6 was chosen by Yunnan for its superior performance in four principal areas,” explains a representative of Beijing TATO Digital, the Ashtech GIS dealer in this region. “The MobileMapper 6 offers an open platform architecture (Windows Mobile 6) that permits Yunnan to install its own proprietary mobile GIS application software. The unit is rugged and waterproof to the IPX7 standard; it is easy to use and it delivers the required real-time accuracy Yunnan needed, even in difficult work environments,” he added.

Source: Ashtech