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Chinese Navy releases e-navigation chart

Beijing, China: The navigation guarantee department of the Chinese Navy Headquarters, China’s official hydrographic surveying and mapping organisation, released China’s new electronic navigation chart. With this releases, ships sailing in Chinese waters can now say goodbye to paper charts. The new chart includes 400 maps of Chinese seas in different regions, according to an officer surnamed Yuan from the navigation guarantee department.

The chart follows international standards. It includes detailed information about all China’s territorial waters, including submerged reefs, harbour infrastructure and tide information. “It’s the first Chinese electronic navigation chart that meets international standards,” Cao Jinping, an officer of the publicity department of the navy, said.

The data of the electronic chart will be updated each week and will be available via Internet. The electronic chart is also expected to be available for cell phones in the future. Each map costs USD 15 for both domestic and overseas users, including a one-year updating service. Users will enjoy a 50 percent discount from the second year.

Source: China Daily