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Chinese city protecting old trees with GPS

After losing 86 old trees over a period of six years, Shenzhen has turned to the GPS to preserve the remaining old trees.

From last September, Shenzhen forestry authorities began defining positions of old trees using the system and, so far, the positions of more than 400 old trees had been determined by means of the positioning system, said Chen Lizhong, an official of the municipal forestry office.

The special economic zone excluded the districts of Bao’an and Longgang and a tree older than 100 years was regarded as an old tree, he said. Chen said they would soon start recording old trees in Bao’an and Longgang.

A forestry official surnamed Song said that when an old tree was found, its longitude and latitude were determined by satellite. Song also said that the positions of the old trees would be recorded in a book and also marked on a map of Shenzhen.