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Chinese city completes ‘one-map’ project

China: The “one-map” project of the land resources in Ningbo city has been completed, the Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Land and Resources said.

The “map” collects all the data from 18 databases including land utilisation situation, land-use plan, basic farmland, farmland classification and gradation and urban cadastre, etc. The base map adopts the remote sensing data, which covers the whole city with a resolution of 0.6 meters and can detect the changes within an area of 0.3 acres, thus can provide authoritative and exact basic data of land and resources. The “one-map” project leads the land and resources management from paper management to intelligent management.

Through the “map”, Ningbo has achieved the linkage law enforcement among the three levels of the city, the county and the administration office. The land law enforcement officials can immediately get the information on approval, planning, type and area by collecting the land scope and the on-scene picture via GPS, then transferring the information to the “one-map” system, which will intelligently analyse the land and find out all kinds of illegal actions such as illegal use of land, occupying more land and change of use purpose. This has greatly changed the traditional way of relying on blueprint, tape ruler and camera, and made it possible to treat the illegal use of land timely online.

“In the past, when it comes to the approval of major projects, the staff has to go back and forth between stations and offices to make comparison between different kinds of maps.” said Wan Jiangbo, Chief Engineer of Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Land and Resources. But now, all the information on the land planning, land use purpose and land area can be instantly obtained by reading the “map”. By integrating the project approving online and in the “map” and confirming the data, Ningbo has greatly improved the approval efficiency and the approval time of land use by major projects has cut down by half.

With the aid of the “map”, Ningbo has established the comprehensive information platform integrating approval of mining right, land registration and certification, E-government and geological disaster prevention and control. The land registration and certification of collective land ownership has completed ahead of schedule.

Source: Ningbo Life