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China’s role in global environmental cooperation reinforced

China finds its role in global efforts and negotiations for the settlement of major environmental issues more and more important as its international influence is increasing. As the world’s biggest developing country and having great significance in global environmental protection, China has been actively involved in international cooperation of environmental protection, according to an official with the State Environmental Protection Administration (SEPA).

He said “environment diplomacy” is becoming vital to a country’s foreign relations because the influence of environmental factors now have increasing impacts on various fields such as national security, economy and foreign trade.

China has signed more than 30 bilateral agreements or memorandum on environmental protection with 27 countries, as well as agreements on cooperation in the field of nuclear safety with some 10 countries, said Wang Zhijia, director of the SEPA’s Department of International Cooperation. The country is also a key member of many environmental organizations in Asia and Pacific regions, Wang said. So far, China has joined in more than 20 international conventions that deal with environmental issues such as biological diversity, climate change, the protection of the ozone layer, and the control of transboundary movements of hazardous wastes.

Through using Global Environment Funds, donated funds and loans from the World Bank and foreign governments, China has been able to fulfill its commitments to the international society to solve environmental problems step by step, Wang said.

He said international and domestic situations at present are favorable for China to carry out international cooperation in environmental sector. To achieve sustainable development has become a consensus of many countries, which in turn will enable China to obtain more overseas supports to promote the industry of environmental protection.