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China’s first autonomous driving simulation bluebook released

China: China’s first self-driving simulation blue book “Annual Research Report on Autonomous Vehicle Simulation in China (2019)”, initiated by 51VR, was released at the 6th International Congress of Intelligent and Connected Vehicles Technology (CICV), the top event in the autonomous driving industry in China. Professor Cheng Bo, the Dean of Suzhou Automotive Research Institute of Tsinghua University, commented that the release of the Bluebook marks a stage for the rise of Chinese original simulation software.

Compiled from the opinions of many industry experts, the Bluebook is the first comprehensive reference book on the development status of China’s automated driving simulation test. It combines the cutting-edge research results of current academic institutions and leading Chinese companies and deals with all areas of automated driving simulation testing. The book includes the significance of simulation test, method applications, technical solutions, the current status of software, virtual scene database, demonstration area testing mode, the introduction of simulation testing standards, challenges and trends.

The Bluebook provides an opportunity for communication and learning in the autonomous driving industry, and makesan introduction to 51Sim-One. 51Sim-One is China’s first full-function automated driving simulator and testing platform, which integrates multi-sensors simulation, traffic flows and intelligent objects simulation, perception and decision simulation, and automated driving behavior training. Based on precise and real-time physic modeling, the simulation platform is widely used in R&D, testing and validation of autonomous driving products. It can quickly accumulate automated driving experiences for users, ensure product performance, safety and reliability, accelerate product development speed and reduce development cost.

This bluebook was initiated by 51VR and jointly issued by Suzhou Automotive Research Institute of Tsinghua University, Intelligent Connected Technology R&D Center of Guangzhou Automobile Group Co, Ltd, Intelligent Vehicles Laboratory, CATARC & Automotive Software Evaluation Center, Innovation Center of ICV (Jiangsu), Beijing Innovation Center of Mobility Intelligent (BICMI), and Singulato.

51VR intends to cooperate with the whole ecosystem of autonomous driving, such as major OEMs, suppliers, startups, and various demonstration zones and testing agencies. It is working hard to unite all parts of the industry to create a self-driving supply-chain complex. It believes that new development will soon spring up in China’s autonomous driving industry.