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China utilises military satellite technology for prompt quake relief

China: The latest development of military technologies, including satellite navigation system and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), has helped China carry out more efficient rescue and relief efforts after a 7.0-magnitude earthquake struck southwestern China on April 20.

“From these high resolution pictures taken from the air, we can tell where there are landslides, which roads are blocked and which parts are damaged most,” said Zhou Xiaozhou, head of the rescue headquarters of Chengdu Military Area Command.

So far the rescue and relief teams have responded quickly mainly because the country has established an aerial intelligence network covering a large area and collecting precise information in an efficient way, Zhou said.

According to Zhou, shortly after the quake, the PLA Navy sent out its remote sensing aircrafts from the base in Sichuan to find out the situation of Lushan County, the quake epicenter and a remote mountainous region.

To acquire more geographic information of the quake-hit area and the disaster”s damage, the National Defense Bureau of Science, Technology and Industry initiated an emergency space mission to collect remote sensing data of the quake-hit area by using five satellites.

Source: Xinhuanet