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China, UK set up geospatial research centre

Beijing, China: China Academy of Surveying and Mapping (CASM) and UK University of Nottingham jointly set up the Sino-British Geospatial Information Research Centre in Beijing, China. This research centre will develop geospatial information research to solve the key scientific issues of the two countries.

It will utilise China and Britain’s advantages to promote services such as navigation and global positioning, photogrammetry and remote sensing, cartography and geographic information systems as well as geospatial information technologies.

Earlier, in September, in order to promote the science and technology cooperation and exchange in the field of geospatial information between China and Britain and to strengthen the integration and application capability of the geospatial information technology in the field of precision agriculture, the CASM, Nottingham University of Britain (NUB), Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences (SAAS) and Shandong Agricultural University (SAU) singed the memorandum of cooperation (MOC) on jointly carrying out the research project of “Key technical research and demonstrating application of precision agriculture operation under the support of 3S” at SAAS.

According to the MOC, all parties agreed to establish a cooperative research team in light of the overall goal and research content of the project, provide corresponding guarantee of manpower, material and financial resources and pledge to undertake and complete the corresponding work.

Source: People Daily and CASM