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China TransInfo Technology to Provide Free GIS Services for Earthquake Relief in Sichuan Province

China – China TransInfo Technology Corp., a leading provider of public transportation information systems technology and comprehensive solutions in the People’s Republic of China (“PRC”), today announced that it has joined the Wenchuan Earthquake Enterprise Rescue Alliance (“ESRI Earthquake Alliance”), which is headed by the Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc (“ESRI”), by providing free GIS services and products to the Sichuan earthquake relief effort. ESRI is the largest Geographic Information System (GIS) technology and software developer and supplier in the world.

The recent 8.0 magnitude earthquake in Southwest China has seriously damaged basic infrastructure in Sichuan Province. By adopting advanced GIS technology, the ESRI Earthquake Alliance has been providing real time information related to weather forecasting, transportation, electrical grids, and other areas in the disaster zone. Through the ESRI Earthquake Alliance, China TransInfo primarily provides GIS services and technical assistance related to transportation in the disaster area. China TransInfo and its employees have also made cash donations of over RMB 120,000 through the Red Cross Society of Sichuan to support relief and reconstruction efforts.

“As China TransInfo is experiencing rapid growth along with the expansion of the national economy, we feel it is our responsibility to give back to society. In particular, we feel especially committed to assisting in the recovery effort in Sichuan, where we have significant operations,” said Mr. Shudong Xia, CEO of China TransInfo. “We intend to continue making contributions to aid in the rebuilding of the areas hardest hit by the earthquake for as long as it is necessary.”