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China to launch online database of Beijing residents

Beijing, China: An online database will be launched soon in Beijing which will help government agencies serve residents better. The new database – believed to be the first of its kind in China – provides personal and other information about a resident in a unique map format, Jakarta Post reported.

A click of the mouse on the electronic map brings up information such as the type and structure of a piece of property as well as personal details, including an occupant’s name, hometown, gender and occupation.

For rented property, details of the landlord and tenants, who may include migrant workers and foreigners, can be retrieved.

Not unexpectedly, the database has triggered privacy and security concerns, despite official assurances that the data will be used only by government departments.

At a briefing last week, the population management department of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau (PSB) gave the assurance that the database is aimed at improving government efficiency and raising service standards.

“The database will help different government bodies to better allocate resources,” said department spokesman Guan Xihua.

Education officials can allocate more resources, in the form of bursaries for instance, to districts where pupils are from low- income families, he said.

Similarly, the transport and medical sectors can tailor and improve their services according to the profile and population density of a certain area, said Guan.

Work on the electronic map began last year in November. Some 88 percent of Beijing’s 20 million residents have already been mapped with residential addresses.

Police officers made house visits to collect information for the database, which now has a total of 13.2 million pieces of housing data and 20.7 million pieces of personal information covering not just local residents but also migrant workers and foreigners.

Source: The Jakarta Post