China to improve EO systems in 10 years

China to improve EO systems in 10 years


China to improve EO systems in 10 yearsChina, September 29, 2014: China plans to construct a comprehensive earth observation (EO) system in next ten years.

The improved EO will integrate use of air, space and ground based technology, including drones, satellites and GPS systems to service the economic and social development sectors.

Luo Ge, an official with the State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defence, said, “China's remote sensing application has been undergoing a rapid development. China's remote sensing satellites have been developed from the phase of experimental application to business service.”

China’s Beidou GPS network currently has 16 navigation satellites offering GPS services across Asia-Pacific region. It aims to increase this number to 30 satellites by 2020 to make it a comprehensive GPS which it hopes to market widely in the region including India.

According to a top government official the quality of the pictures and data taken by the satellites has significantly improved.

Luan Enjie, an academic at the Chinese Academy of Engineering said that with the launching of Gaofen-1 and Gaofen-2 satellites means China has entered a new age of independently developing high-definition satellites in contrast to its initial reliance on foreign satellites for data.

Source: Economic Times