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China to assess risk factors of Wei River

China: The Wei River in west-central China is not just the largest tributary of the Yellow River, but it has also been a critical water source for communities for thousands of years. To manage this important resource, water authorities in China announced to invest CNY 6 billion (approximately USD 950 million) to address floods and pollution issues in the Wei, according to a report by World Resources Institute (WRI).

The WRI’s report observed that Aqueduct’s water risk mapping tool can be a suitable for Chinese water authorities. Aqueduct Water Risk Atlas provides a myriad of data about water quality, quantity and other indicators to provide that better information.

Furthermore, the report added that the announcement of investment in water management comes after flooding on the Wei killed dozens of people and forced tens of thousands from their homes in the fall of 2011. On top of these terrible human costs come severe economic impacts. According to some estimates, the 2011 flooding cost China more than USD 6 billion.

Source: WRI