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China renames its surveying agency

China: The State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping, China, renamed as the State Bureau of Geographical Information, Surveying and Mapping. Chinese Vice Premier Li Keqiang said the name change indicated that the government supports further development of geographical information sector.

During the visit of an innovation base of the national surveying and mapping services, Li said China sees great importance of the development of geographic information surveying and mapping sector because it is vital to the development of new industries. He called for the development of surveying and mapping services and better use of geographical information to serve the country’s development.

Li also acknowledged role of surveying and mapping professionals. He said they had provided important services to disaster relief and reconstruction work after the devastating Wenchuan earthquake in May 2008.

China now has more than 12,000 institutions licensed to conduct surveying and mapping services. The output value of the country’s geographical information industry last year reached 100 billion yuan (USD 15.4 billion), with 400,000 people working within the sector.

Source: china.globaltimes.cn