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China realizes six leaps in Space Remote-sensing & Control Technology

China has realized six leaps and bounds in the space remote sensing, monitoring and control technology, a giant stride forward in history. It is now able to provide spacecraft like rocket, perigee-orbit, solar-synchronous-orbit and earth-synchronous orbit satellite and manned-spaceship within the range of 36,000 kilometers with high-precision remote sensing and control support service.

This was revealed in the Science and Technology Daily. According to the daily, the six historical crossovers refer respectively to flying into space, returning onto the earth, prescribed synchronous point-set on the orbit, one network to cover multiple satellites and international compatibility and spaceship recovery. China has planted itself in the forefront of the key technology for remote sensing and control, such as precision orbit-set and multiple-satellite control, according to the report.

In recent years, China, spurred on by the requirements for the construction of the manned-spaceship project, has made a series of new breakthroughs in the space remote sensing and control technology. On the basis of the former remote sensing and control network it has newly established a unified s-frequency range sensing and control system developed and manufactured by itself and in conformity with the international standard. Having developed a transparent working model of “central remote control” it has greatly strengthened the ability for the spaceflight-controlling network to realize an integrated monitoring and control of the manned spaceship, especially raised the controlling ability under an emergency case.

It is on this basis that China has established the control center for remote sensing, monitoring and control, realized a network integrated sensing and control and a dynamic distribution of resources for the monitoring and control. Thereby, it has greatly enhanced its operational efficiency and the ability for monitoring and control and is now able to meet the needs for the support of medium and low orbit satellite, manned spaceship and early-track synchronized satellite and for the support of fixed-point control of satellites and multiple spacecraft. Under the unified arrangement of the network control center the remote monitoring and control network is able to switch quickly from one object over to another. So far, China space monitoring and control network is able to provide a simultaneous monitoring and control support to more than 20 satellites and spaceships.