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China plans to track Beijing residents

China: China Government announced a new plan “Platform for Citizen Movement Information,” to track the 17 million people using their cell phones, who live in the capital city of Beijing, reports The Next Web.

According to the government, the initiative is intended to help improve public transportation and reduce traffic congestion. The plan will first debut in Beijing, where approximately 70 percent of residents use mobile phones. When a phone is turned on, it is automatically registered with a central “base station.” The plan’s staff can then detect how far from the base station a particular phone is, and determine their exact location and where they travel throughout the day.

China’s Deputy Director of Social Development, Li Guonguang, said that tracking where citizens go with their cell phones provides real-time information to help establish better urban planning and societal functionality. The social development staff can analyse the data collected through the tracking technology, and target specific problem areas, and even pinpoint what time of day those areas have the most congestion.

Source: Yahoo