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‘China needs its own space law’

Beijing, China: China needs its own space law to protect its rights in outer space as well as to regulate its domestic space activities, according to Hu Hao, Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the lunar exploration centre under the Commission of Science, Technology and Industry of National Defence (COSTIND), China. Hu, also a deputy to parliament, the National People’s Congress, said this during the ongoing annual legislative session.

Hu Hao said, “China is among the very few countries that are active in space exercises but lack a space law.”  He further added that the law should also involve the regulation of the commercialisation of satellite remote sensing data services, as some remote sensing data service providers, including Google Earth, have exposed important and sensitive information on the Internet, causing widespread concern and controversy.

A space law could help ensure China’s implementation of the four international conventions that it has joined since becoming a member of the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space, as well as solve legal issues amid China’s increasing space cooperations with other countries. 

China currently has few separate regulations on space activities, which are unable to meet the rising demands of space development, stated Hu.

Source: People Daily