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China issues first-ever ‘traffic rules” for civilian drones

Courtsey: GBTimes.comUS: In the wake of spike in numbers of people using drones in China, the country has imposed first-ever “traffic rules” for the operation of light-duty civilian unmanned aircraft. Guidelines have been issued by civil aviation regulatory body on a trial basis. The idea of big data management and China's "Internet Plus" strategy has also been introduced into the regulations.

Right now, China has as much as 20,000 civilian drones being flown in the country, out of which, only 2,000 are qualified drone pilots. No wonder, the rapid growth in population of users flying drones has raised some serious questions about the safety concerns. Last November, a video captured by a private drone showed a Chinese fighter jet making a landing – but the drone almost hit the jet.

Earlier this month, the Civil Aviation Administration of China issued specific regulations over different types of drones being flown in the country. By doing so, the civil aviation regulator has classified them into seven categories based on their weight and functions.

Source: English.Cri.Cn