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China Information Security Technology, Inc. Announces Its Intelligent Border Control System

SHENZHEN CITY, China, June 9 –China Information Security Technology, Inc., a leading provider of Information Security and 3S (Geographic Information Systems – GIS, Global Positioning Systems – GPS and Remote Sensing – RS) services in China, today announced that the Company’s Intelligent Border Control System had passed the inspection process administered by the Testing Center for Quality of Security & Police Electronic Products (the “Center”), an agency of the PRC’s Ministry of Public Security.

The Center is the most authoritative quality assurance institution for security products in the PRC. All functions of CIST’s Intelligent Border Control System passed the quality assurance inspection, including its data- reading, controlling, alarming, data communication, anti-tagging, reminding, and emergency response functions. The Company received the Quality Assurance Report issued by the Center on May 26, 2008.

The Intelligent Border Control System is used by the Ministry of Public Security for effective border control management. It stores biometric information such as fingerprints and facial features from passengers in a database, and integrates it with infrared and license plate recognition technologies to enable the automation of border control checkpoints for faster and more accurate processing of passengers. The system also helps to safeguard borders from stowaways and improves the overall efficiency and effectiveness of border control management.

“According to our market research, the total market opportunity for the Intelligent Border Control System is estimated at US$300 million currently in China and will increase 30% annually in the near term,” said Mr. Jiang Huai Lin, CEO of China Information Security. “An increasing number of Exit and Entry Frontier Stations throughout China are in the process of installing intelligent border control systems to control rapidly growing passenger traffic. We expect that the Center’s Quality Assurance Report will further our efforts to win new contracts and expand nationwide.”