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China and EU sign agreement ensuring China

China and the European Union (EU) inked a technological agreement on 9th October, 2004 in Beijing to substantially propel forward the Galileo Programme, a European global system of satellite navigation. The agreement ensures China play a part in the development of the Galileo Programme — from space and ground technology development to application and fund allocation. The agreement is expected to further provide an operational framework for China’s participation in the programme.

China and the EU had agreed last year to allow China to join the big programme. The technological agreement, reached by the Chinese National Remote Sensing Centre (NRSCC) and the Galileo Joint Undertaking (GJU), will make China’s industrial circles a partner of GJU. The China-EU co-operation on the Galileo Programme is China’s largest international scientific co-operative project. It will help expand China and EU co-operation on satellite radio navigation industries.