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Chile’s FASAT Charlie sat sends first imagery

Chile: Andres Allamand, Defence Minister of Chile; and the Commander in Chief of the Air Force of Chile, General Jorge Rojas; announced that the country received first imagery from FASAT Charlie satellite. In addition, CORFO (Corporación de Fomento de la Production) announced USD 164 million funding for an online cadastral information system for Biobío region. The digital digital cadastral information for land will be based-on on FASAT Charlie data. It will be developed by the Information Center of Natural Resources (Ciren).
The FASAT Charlie satellite is also known as SSOT (Sistema Satelital para la Observación de la Tierra). It was developed by Astrium and launched on December 16, 2011. It includes both the satellite and an operational ground segment based in Santiago. The satellite is based on two product families: the Myriade platform, developed jointly with CNES, and the Naomi family of silicon carbide optical instruments, which are used by Astrium for many other optical imagery missions.
The Chilean Air Force is responsible for managing the satellite through the Service Aerophotogrametric (Sar). Eugenio González, Executive Director of the Natural Resources Information (Ciren), Chile, said, “The satellite can help a lot for the detection of crop, management of native forests and waters. It will also help in flood prediction and outflows of lava.”
Source: www.elmorrocotudo.cl & noticias.123.cl