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Chilean government adopts photogrammetric mapping solution

Vexcel Corporation has announced a contract with the Instituto Geografico Militar (IGM), Chile, for twelve DiAP mapping systems. The IGM, located in Santiago, is a key mapping organization within the Chilean Military responsible for a large range of national mapping programs at various scales. The DiAP software package provides the digital equivalent of all the functions of an analytical stereo plotter and will be used as the main topographic mapping system within the IGM.

The Digital Image Analytical Plotter (DiAP) software package was developed by International Systemap Corporation (ISM), which was acquired by Vexcel in May 2004. Under its new name, Vexcel ISM, the organization combines the skills and resources of both companies to offer flexible solutions for aerial/terrestrial photography including the UltraCam digital camera-as well as for satellite imagery including Spot, Ikonos and QuickBird.

The DiAP solution, proposed by Vexcel ISM, was selected by IGM in an international competitive bid involving a broad range of photogrammetric software vendors. Since its initial development over 10 years ago, the Digital Image Analytic Plotter (DiAP) family of products has established itself as the leading production tool in softcopy photogrammetry, characterized by practical features combined with an easy learning curve and efficiency of operation.