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Chilean Geoportal for your website

A new tool held by the Chilean SDI which aims to expand the possibilities of finding geospatial information is available.

This is the development of a widget that will allow institutions to include in their own websites search features and filters, as well as show the results of only the metadata of your institution that is in the Chile”s Geoportal.

The widget is programmed to operate in any content management system like Joomla , WordPress or Drupal, including a Blog. Each of its components is configurable, can work independently and the graphic style can fit with the design of your website.

Message from the Minister of National Assets, Víctor Osorio Reyes, to the national community of the SDI-Chile, in his capacity as President of the Council of Ministers of Territorial Information:

“The Chilean SDI”s vision considers the open multi-stakeholder participation, the massive use of information by citizens, the integration of spatial scales with a strong emphasis on site, and th rising generation of geospatial knowledge and awareness, among the more important aspects. For this, it is required to continue with the collaborative and integrated work that gave strength to this initiative, forward in institutional strengthening , assimilate and incorporate advances in technology , improve continuously public information and promote development of capabilities to maximize the benefit of this important resource for the development and well -being of the country.”

We invite everyone to request this plugin and we can help with the installation on your website. Write to us at [email protected] email and through the contact form: .

Source: IDE-Chile