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Chilean fishery body develops aqua mapping tool

Chile: The Undersecretariat of Fisheries (Subpesca), Chile, developed a digital mapping tool for aquaculture. The authority claimed that this tool will provide access to the latest technology such as the use of GPS, GIS and AutoCAD.
To date, the Aquaculture Department of the Undersecretariat presented six projects before the Fisheries Research Fund (FIP) on map regularisation and aquaculture concessions, and could generate digital maps at 1:50,000 scale covering nearly the whole Region X (Los Lagos).
The authority plans to perform a similar action in Region XI (Aysen), with the financial support of the Integrated Bank of Projects (BIP). As soon as this area is covered by cartography, the needs of the people concerned in aquaculture activities will have been fulfilled, Subpesca reported.
Subpesca said that from now on, all the digital information of completed project regularization is available to users. It is part of the Plan of Activities undertaken by Subpesca for Phase III of the Integrated Land Management System of the Management Improvement Programme (PMG).
Source: www.fis.com